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The Mystic River Festival Chorus (USA)
As a member of the Mystic River Festival Chorus from Connecticut in the Untied States, I was very fortunate to be able to participate in the October 2007 Cantus Angeli Festival in your beautiful country; it was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. I have received an evaluation form and I have checked every item as "EXCELLENT":
Our bus and driver were always on time, the bus was very comfortable, and it was an easy way for us to travel from place to place. The Hotel was in a convenient location for all the activities, the rooms were nice, the meal at the restaurant was delicious, the staff of the hotel was very friendly and helpful. The tourist guides that told us about the various historical sights were very knowledgeable and helpful. They answered all questions in a professional manner. The farm holiday meal was delicious and it was a unique experience to see a working farm in operation. I had my picture taken with one of the mozzarella buffaloes; it is one of my favorite pictures of the entire trip! The different locations of the various concerts gave us an interesting opportunity to perform in a variety of venues. Our first concert was in the lovely Church of St Lucia. Everyone was so friendly and helpful! There was the symbol of the State of Connecticut behind us as we sang; we felt right at home! The people were justifiably proud of their town and of their church and were happy to show us the local museum and to give us dancing, wine making, and string making demonstrations; the dinner in the church after the concert was wonderful: so much good food! So much fellowship and singing! The Grand Concert was very well organized, and although the reception afterwards was very crowded, the foodwas delicious, especially the little sandwiches with the flags of so many different nations. The voci nell'aria was in a beautiful location. The piano and speakers made it easy to sing out of doors. The Gran Gala dei Cori was an unforgettable experience. The dinner was delicious, the restaurant was lovely, the show was so much fun! It was a very special evening. One of the purposes of Cantus Angeli is to foster fellowship through music. Your festival certainly created that feeling; the friendliness of the staff and the people in the other choirs, the beautiful locations you arranged for us to tour and sing in, the joy of singing together... truly a memorable experience! Thank you all very much for all the work you did in creating this memorable opportunity for people to join together in song, a universal language. Susan Yacovino