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Participating Choirs 2011

Schola Cantorum di Bazzano
Founded in 1919 in Calcara in the province of Bologna, and then move to Bazzano. Its main activity, initially, by singing consisted in accompanying the various solemn liturgies, but now carries out its activities independently organizing choral festivals, concerts of sacred and secular music with the collaboration of solo and orchestral groups. He has participated in numerous events, concerts and international events such as Paris, Vienna, Salzburg, Prague and in various Italian cities. The choir's repertoire ranges from Gregorian chant to polyphony to classical to contemporary authors with references to secular polyphony.

Chamber Choir Credo
Founded in 1983 in Dubna, near Moscow city. The choir members come from various professions are teachers of city schools, researchers and university teachers and music players. They love singing, togetherness and team spirit. Their repertoire is varied, Russian and international sacred music, folklore and popular Russian songs of the Renaissance.
The choir, as well as their director, has repeatedly been awarded in international competitions and festivals in Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as in Portugal, France, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and in Italy, the Festival of Sacred Music of Arezzo in 2000.

Avon Stuart Spiritual Singers
Formed within the S. Cecilia Choral, historic choir of Battipaglia which has 36 years of life. The group was founded in 2002 with the aim of deepening cultural and music of black music, be it spiritual or gospel and took the name of the late American artist, who died prematurely in 1999, the Chorale with whom he collaborated for years, sharing with him love for black music. He has participated in numerous international events such as in Paris in 2003, the Gospel Connection of Bologna and Assisi as well as the Gospel Choir singing organized by the same S. Cecilia.


Coro The Overtones
Born within the "Insieme Per Caso" association that was founded in 2003. The name, "The Overtones", means "harmonic" or amalgam, which added to the fundamental tone determines the characteristics of this to highlight the spirit of cohesion and harmony with which this group has been formed. Actively participating in training courses and with music and gospel music on the Campania region and successfully organizes every year in Cava De 'Tirreni the show singing "Gospel Collection".

Iskorki Choir
The choir was founded in 2007 in the Academy of Aksay in the Russian region of Rostov on Don. The town of Aksay, in fact, was founded in the late 16th century as a Cossack settlement right on the right bank of the River Don. The choir participates actively in all academic activities, is a highlight of this institution and operates a number of international shooting events and concerts.


Shine On Me Gospel Choir
Founded in December 2005 by the will of a group of young people Lancusi of Fisciano wanting to be a choral group that would bring about a new way of expressing prayer: the gospel. He has participated in various choral festivals and concerts held throughout the province of Salerno, exhibiting pieces composed and arranged by their director.

Orchestra vocale Numeri Primi
Founded for bringing together fans young choristers from Salerno in a new musical formula, consists of only entries with a repertoire of Italian pop a cappella. Each song becomes a unique "madrigal", such as contamination between the contrapuntal tradition of the Italian Renaissance and the pop song.
Prestigious titles were won by the group as "Megaris prize" for the best musical training in 2010 in Naples, first place at the Festival of Varese Solevoci 2011 for best director and best song and first place in the choral festival in Gorizia Seghizzi 2011.

Coro Polifonico San Martino
Founded in 2004 by the passionate desire to live hand to share real emotions and positive values. Has inspired several sacred liturgical celebrations in prestigious places in Italy such as Assisi, the Vatican, S. John in Lateran.
He has participated in several international events, has given numerous concerts of sacred music and songs Naples in Campania and successfully organizing the rally every year Regional polyphonic choirs "Singing Natal."


Kolot Hakfar Choir
The choir was founded in 1988. Mainly performs a repertoire of folk and the land of Israel is very attentive to social issues so as to be heavily involved in the animation music from his country's social structures.


Coro Musica nell’Anima
Born in September 2007 in the parish of "St. Peter and Holy Spirit" of Fisciano (Sa). The repertoire ranges from gospel to sacred and secular a cappella. He participated actively in the creation of theatrical voices in choirs and making various representations of gender and carries out numerous inizaitive missionary and charitable.


Coro San Nykola de Schola Graeca
The choir, founded in 1995, has to his credit the organization and participation in numerous events and concerts. He has performed in several Italian cathedrals and has been featured in various television studios.
The repertoire ranges from opera to music - symphonic and classical Neapolitan, but also includes pieces by contemporary composers of sacred polyphony, and the realization of the first author of 900 songs, harmonized for chorus.

Corale Polifonica Angelicus
The choir "Angelicus" founded in 1995 by Augusto Zabaroni, has participated in numerous concerts and festivals in Italy and abroad including Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, St. Petersburg. It is the association which organizes the Festival Cantus Angeli and has a varied repertoire, from opera to classical Neapolitan songs harmonized by several voices.