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Participating Choirs 2012


Chamber Choir "Oscar Romero Vargas"


Director: María Augusta Abad

The choir was founded by the great character Oscar Romero Vargas in 1989 in the city of Loya,

home of numerous artists of Ecuador. Has a repertoire of sacred, traditional and revolutionary songs.

He has performed in important events in Ecuador and toured America and Europe giving concerts in Chile,

Mexico, Greece, Spain and performing at many universities in the country and abroad.



Santa Cecilia Choir


Conductor: Loredana Panico

The St. Cecilia Choir was founded in 1975 and has taken part in numerous exhibitions and competitions in Italy,

in Spain, France and England earning many accolades and awards.

Since 2002 he has developed the study of culture and music of black music,

creating the group Avon Stuart Spiritual Singers as well as organizing a workshop of gospel music with the help

of black musicians of international renown.



The Shikmim Choir


Director: Menashe Lev-Ran

The Choir Shikmim was born in 1980 to spread the musical culture and folklore Israel.

It has a varied repertoire with folk music of Eastern Europe, songs from musicals and classic songs of their land.

The director of the choir founded and directed choirs important institutional and is considered one of the most

important talents in their own country.

The members of the choir are inspired by a true love for singing and being together.



Shine On Me Gospel Choir


Conductor: Lucibello Giovanni

Founded in December 2005 by the will of a group of young people Lancusi of Fisciano wanting to be a choral group

that would bring about a new way of expressing prayer: the gospel. He has participated in various choral festivals

and concerts held throughout the province of Salerno, exhibiting pieces composed and arranged by their director.



Paraplegic and Friends Choir of Cyprus


Director: George Tambouras

The choir was founded in 1996 by its director with the intent to restore and actively involve all its citizens

with disabilities with the aim of creating more and better conditions for all of social life.

To this is an example of a chorus very rare in the world.

He has participated in many international music events such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece and Slovakia.

Enjoys high recognition and protection of the President of the Republic of Cyprus.



Corale Polifonica Angelicus


Director: Aniello Napoli

The choir "Angelicus" founded in 1995 by Augusto Zabaroni, has participated in numerous concerts and festivals

in Italy and abroad including Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, St. Petersburg. It is the association

which organizes the Festival Cantus Angeli and has a varied repertoire, from opera to classical Neapolitan songs

harmonized by several voices.



Choir Malagma


Director: Norma Pombo

Malagma is the official group of the National University of Patagonia "San Giovanni Bosco".

The group is dedicated to the study of two types of repertoire: Renaissance music and popular music in Argentina.

Also has the objective of promoting and publicizing the culture of their land through the use of costumes, instruments and dances Argentine.

He has participated in a lot of concerts and events gaining more acclaim and has recorded three CDs of music and South American folk dances.



Choir "Elianico" and "Monfalconese Sant'Ambrogio"


Director: Zanolla Franca

This choral group meets two choirs of the province of Gorizia.

The female chorus Elianico is engaged for several years with projects in the sacred and liturgical music.

The Mixed Choir Monfalconese instead has a more popular and folkloric repertoire.

The two choirs for many years involved with competitions and musical events combining the different characteristics that distinguishes

them as well as being engaged in constant exchange with the states of Austria and Slovenia in the promotion of popular music tradition.



Choir San Martino


Conductor: Loredana Polimeni

Founded in 2004 by the passionate desire to live hand to share real emotions and positive values. Has inspired several sacred liturgical

celebrations in prestigious places in Italy such as Assisi, the Vatican, S. John in Lateran.

He has participated in several international events, has given numerous concerts of sacred music and songs Naples in Campania

and successfully organizing the rally every year Regional polyphonic choirs "Singing Natal."



Blue Gospel Singers


Director: Mario Paduano

The group was founded in 2004 with the idea of ​​their manager to bring together a group of friends with a passion for singing and music.

He collected immediately acclaim and prizes by participating in competitions, television programs, films and collaborating with musicians

and historical artists of the Neapolitan song.

The repertoire ranges from contemporary gospel to traditional, along with pop songs and traditional Christmas arranged in key blues, gospel and swing.