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Participating Choirs

Zlilay Kfar-Saba Choir
Director: Menashe Lev Ran

The Tzlilei Kfar Saba Choir means Sounds of Kfar Saba, was founded in 1983. Over the years the choir has grown and evolved into a diverse group of 45 singers from different experiences united by a common love of song and communal singing. The choir’s varied repertoire includes Israeli songs, classical music, musicals, liturgical work and folk music from around the world, all sung in the original language. Since its establishment it has participated in several international events including festivals in Italy, Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic .They also gave concert tours in Russia and the United States of America.


Coro della Fondazione Unisangil
Director: Liliana Maria Noriega Lora

The Choir of the Foundation University of San Gil is a group of young people and adults sangileños, students, formed students, faculty and staff of the university. Its mission is to disseminate and promote choral singing in their province of Santander.
Was born in 1996 and is a point of excellence of the university but also of the cultural centers of its territory. He has participated in various editions of the Festival of Choirs of Santander and organizes every year a special concert of choral music inviting many Colombians choirs.


Coro Polifónico di Chía
Director: Andrea Ocampo Trujillo

The Colombian  Polyphonic Choir of Chía was born in 2008 and consists of students from the School of the Arts of Chia where we study different musical instruments. It has a varied repertoire with songs of Colombian folk music, of famous composers Colombian and international choral pieces.
The choir is accompanied by a very special musical training: bass, piano and triple, which is a typical instrument of Colombia with a distinctive sound and unique.

Coro Tourdion
Direttore: Federico Lepre 
Il Coro Tourdion nasce nel 1998 all’interno dell’omonima associazione musicale di Cavalicco (UD). Ha un repertorio di musica liturgica, classica, sacra, popolare e lirica. Ha, infatti, allestito numerose opere liriche e musical oltre ad avere avuto importanti esperienze in tv, con celebri cantanti e orchestre. Ha partecipato a vari festival corali internazionali ed ha organizzato importanti concerti di alto spessore musicale e culturale in Italia e all’estero.

Coro Giovan Battista Chiossone
Director: Giuseppe Calcagno

The Choir was founded in 1946 by Giovan Battista Chiassone. At first it was formed by the male vocal sections and later is also open to women's sections and children’s voices.
In 1995, in memory of its founder, took its current name. He has participated in several international festivals, has a remarkable concert, a constant commitment to music education and a repertoire that enhances the regional and national tradition.

Savionir Choir
Director: Uri Darzi

The Savionir choir consists, in fact, of three choirs together. It has a mixed composition and the singers are from different places but not far from Tel Aviv and all share a love of choral singing.
The repertoire is varied and includes songs traditional of Israel and international famous songs performed in Hebrew.
Throughout the year, he often performs at national events that involve the entire
community of Israel as well as in various famous places of their country.
He participated in several music festivals in Europe in St. Petersburg and last year was very successful at the first festival greek at Delphi.

Coro Sounds of Industry
Director: Ronen  Ben-David

The choir Sounds of Industry was born in 2008, is a mixed amateur choir, consisting of employees and retirees of the Manufacturers Association of Israel. The main purpose of the group is to meet for the joy of singing and meet after office hours and also often perform with other choirs alike. He participated in several choral festivals and shows off for the official duties of their association and has a repertoire composed mainly of Israeli popular music.


Libro Choir
Director: Lilijana Zarankienė

The Libro was born in 2008 with the purpose to use their free time to sing together.
Is formed by both male and female voices and has a repertory of popular Lithuanian but also internationally. In these 5 years has had several international exhibitions and has given many concerts both with other choirs with orchestras. Every year it organizes a festival of choirs in their city at the Vilnius TV Tower, which houses the radio and state television of Lithuania.


Corale Polifonica Angelicus
Director: Aniello Napoli

The choir "Angelicus" founded in 1995 by Augusto Zabaroni, has participated in numerous concerts and festivals
in Italy and abroad including Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, St. Petersburg. It is the association
which organizes the Festival Cantus Angeli and has a varied repertoire, from opera to classical Neapolitan songs
harmonized by several voices.