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Participating Choirs

Mallalaika Choir
Kfar Mallal – Israele
Conductor: Amir Frohlich
The Malalaika Choir is the choir of Moshav Kfar Malal, which is located near the city of Kfar Saba. Founded in 1996, the choir includes singers from nearby towns, men and women who love to sing.
The choir performs all over Israel and has participated in international festivals in Greece, Italy, Germany, Holland, and more. Their repertoire includes a rich variety of folk songs.
The word Malalaika is a play on words, combining the name of a musical instrument (Balalaika) and the name of an evergreen plant (Melaleuca). In addition, it contains the name Malal as in Kfar Malal.

Coro Singing Together
Toronto - Canada
Conductor: Daniele Colla
The choir Singing Together is an association of ethnic choirs in Toronto. The choir aims to share the musical traditions of various countries of origin and to exhibit together Canadian and classical music.
The association is founded in 1995 by Daniel Colla, founding director of the Coro San Marco in Toronto.
This year on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the founding of some participants decided to form a choir combining multiple choirs to participate in the Festival Cantus Angels.

Shiran Choir
Ramat HaSharon – Israele
Conductor: David Sebba
Founded in 1979 by composer Haakov Hollaender the Shiran choir has a repertoire of Israeli songs and songs from around the world.  As well as participating in musical events, festivals, concerts and vocal assemblies all around Israel, the Choir has performed with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and with the Symphonette Raanana Orchestra.  The group has also participated in recordings and live radio and TV broadcasts.
Shiran has performed at international Festivals and tours in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Greece and Portugal and has won gold medals in the MILA Choir Competition in Israel and at international competition in Germany.

Corale Polifonica Angelicus

(Mercato S. Severino - Salerno)
Conductor: Aniello Napoli 
The choir "Angelicus" founded in 1995 by Augusto Zabaroni, has participated in numerous concerts and festivals in Italy and abroad including Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, St. Petersburg and Lourdes. It is the association which organizes the Festival Cantus Angeli and has a varied repertoire, from opera to classical Neapolitan songs harmonized by several voices.

Coro The Overtones
Cava De' Tirreni - Italia
Conductor: M° Abramo Silvestro 
Born within the "Insieme Per Caso" association that was founded in 2003. The name, "The Overtones", means "harmonic" or amalgam, which added to the fundamental tone determines the characteristics of this to highlight the spirit of cohesion and harmony with which this group has been formed. Actively participating in training courses and with music and gospel music on the Campania region and successfully organizes every year in Cava De 'Tirreni the show singing "Gospel Collection".

Tav Hatefer Choir
Modi'in – Israele
Conductor: Yael German
The Modein “Tav Hatefer” choir is a very active choir in Israel nowadays .Its performance combines traditional and original modern Israeli folk and popular music. In the program there are songs from the land of Israel and famous international songs translated and sung in Hebrew. The unique taste of the choir is a result of the extraordinary arrangements done by the conductor and the musical director of the choir Mrs. Yael German. The arrangements are affected by international, jazz and classic music as well.

Angels’ Gospel Choir
Ercolano - Napoli
Conductor: M° Francesca Formisano
The Angels' Gospel Choir was founded in 2000 by the idea of two musicians with a passion for the Gospel.
The choir has a wide repertoire gospel, soul, pop as well as songs performed entirely a cappella. The arrangements are made by the director of the choir and by Maestro Paolo Scognamiglio. 
In 2012 he published the first album entitled "Always by your side" which has received considerable recognition from audience and other musicians.