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Participating Choirs 2016

Tzlilim Bahula Barama Yeshoreru Choir
Yesud Hama'ala-Katzrin – Israele
Conductor: Arye Bracha
The choir is the union of two Israeli choirs, Tzlilim Bahula and Barama Yeshoreru.
Both choirs were founded some 30 years, in the territory of Galilee near the town of Katzrin.
They participated in major festivals and events, in their country and abroad, always receiving many successes.
They have recorded several CDs of famous Israeli folk songs.
A special feature of these choirs is the love of being together. They have, therefore, always open doors and are happy when a new backup singer joins the choir.

CoroPop di Salerno
Conductor: Ciro Caravano
The CoroPop of Salerno was born in 2015 in the Association Astronomy Choral thanks to its director who had previously directed the Pop Choir of the University of Salerno and is known to the Italian public for the vital part of the vocal group “Neri Per Caso”.
This choir performs "a cappella" famous pieces of Italian and international pop music and is composed of non-professional singers united by a deep friendship and an irrepressible passion for singing.

Harmonia Inuyama Choir
Aichi - Giappone
Conductor: Naotake Akatsuka
The choir Harmonia Inuyama born in Japan, Aichi, an ancient city built by a warrior.
Today is famous tourist destination for the presence of numerous historic sites, ancient temples and shrines.
Its director has a formidable national and international musical experience, as director of the choir and orchestra.
He created this choir in 1999 with the participation of musicians and singers from other vocal groups from different countries of the world.
Initially the choir was called IMCA and its director has developed vocally this choral group in 2015 precisely with the purpose of participating in the Cantus Angeli festival.

Corale Polifonica Angelicus
Mercato S. Severino - Salerno
Conductor: Aniello Napoli
The choir "Angelicus" founded in 1995 by Augusto Zabaroni, has participated in numerous concerts and festivals in Italy and abroad including Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, St. Petersburg and Lourdes. It is the association which organizes the Festival Cantus Angeli and has a varied repertoire, from opera to classical Neapolitan songs harmonized by several voices.

Chorale La Poutre
Wavre – Belgio
Conductor: Robert Françoise
This choir was founded in 1966 by the head of the Boy Scouts and the Limal chaplain who decided to form a choir to animate the parish Mass.
For 50 years this choir continues to sing with the same joy and the same enthusiasm.
In all these years the repertoire has been enriched thanks to the wonderful experiences with other choirs Belgian, French, Swiss, Spanish and Italian.
The "Poutre" means "beam": the beautiful attic of Limal church where the choir was born.
For the 50th anniversary, the King of Belgium conferred to this chorus the title of "Royal Choir".

Coro di voci bianche “Mimma Scarpiello”
Montecorvino Rovella - Salerno
Conductor: Adriana Scarpiello
The children's choir "Mimma Scarpiello" was born during the Christmas holidays of 2010. Consists of children from Montecorvino Rovella and neighboring countries. The choir has participated in many concerts always receiving so successful.
This choir with his candid voice wants to convey to everyone the importance of feeling good together.

Orchestra Vocale Numeri Primi
Conductor: Alessandro Tino
It 'a very original vocal group, formed in 2011 with the aim of bringing together young singers from Salerno in a choir a cappella with a pop and rock repertoire.
In a few years he has achieved immediate success and has taken part in numerous musical events.
They recently recorded their first CD with a cappella songs of Elvis Presley, Daft Punk, Pino Daniele and many others.
Each song is a singular "madrigal", a contamination between the contrapuntal tradition of the Italian Renaissance and the international pop song.

Euphoria Gospel Choir
Conductor: Emanuele Giovanni Aprile
The Euphoria Gospel Choir is a choir born in Naples in 2010 within the Baptist Church on Via Foria.
It is composed of young singers who share the joy of praising God by singing as well as an opportunity for spiritual growth.
The purpose of the choir is therefore to translate the gospel music, the Gospel, in the current music rhythms in order to bring the "good news", which does not exclude anyone.
This training took part with great success in many musical and cultural events.

Coro Voci di Parma
Conductor: Daniela Veronesi
The Choir "Voices of Parma" was founded in 1978 by Maestro Mario Corradi.
It has a varied repertoire, from Palestrina to the classical period, Mozart, Beethoven and folk music songs and lyrics.
The choir has participated in many concerts in Italy and abroad, collaborating with internationally renowned musicians and orchestras.
It organizes numerous choral festivals and many charitable initiatives in order to donate the proceeds for humanitarian purposes and to finance musical projects within schools.

Jean's Choir
Hod HaSharon – Israele
Conductor: Jeanne Rabin
The choir was founded in 1998 by people from different cultural and professional backgrounds, and made a constant musical training in an environment of harmony and love for singing.
It has a very special repertoire with famous international love songs performed in a modern way, a cappella, with originality and humor.
He has participated in many festivals and concerts in the world such as Germany, Italy and Spain.

Coro Gospel Voices
Afragola - Napoli
Conductor: Pasquale Castaldo
The Gospel Voices choral group is formed by young people eager to express the joy of faith through the gospel singing.
Born in 2005, the choir has participated in numerous national and international events such Agrigento, Pompeii, Lamezia Terme and Assisi.
The choir organize every year a major gospel seminar titled "Afragospel Workshop" which take part outstanding teachers and gospel singers.

Coro Mia Fone'
Moio della Civitella (SA)
Conductor: Rosamaria De Magistris
The chorus "My Fonè'' was founded in 2009 with the intention of bringing young people aged 15 to 25 years to a cappella choral singing in all its forms: from the sacred to the profane.
It consists of about 20 singers.
The name, "My Fonè" in greek means one voice: this is the challenge that we try to win in every performance.

Coro Vox Aurea Vocal Ensemble
Conductor: Moscato Katja
The choir "Vox Aurea Vocal Ensemble" is the brainchild of its director to form a group a cappella vocal music with a repertoire from '500 to contemporary music.
The choir is made up of musicians and professionals of diverse backgrounds but united by love for the music and fascinated by the magic of polyphony.
Just love and magic are the reason that move the singers to make music together.

Coro Città di Campagna e I Piccoli Cantori
Campagna (SA)
Conductor: Moscato Katja
The choir "Città di Campagna" was born in October 2013 to create a cappella vocal group.
The repertoire includes music from the Renaissance to the twentieth century.
The choir organizes, every year, the festival "Campagna in Coro" and the festival "Amarcor", which take part many choirs.
The choir "I Piccoli Cantori" was founded in 2016 to complete the choir choir "Città di Campagna" with a repertoire of traditional songs in the dialect of the various Italian regions, lullabies and nursery rhymes.

Coro The Overtones
Cava De' Tirreni - Italia
Conductor: Abramo Silvestro
Born within the "Insieme Per Caso" association that was founded in 2003. The name, "The Overtones", means "harmonic" or amalgam, which added to the fundamental tone determines the characteristics of this to highlight the spirit of cohesion and harmony with which this group has been formed. Actively participating in training courses and with music and gospel music on the Campania region and successfully organizes every year in Cava De 'Tirreni the show singing "Gospel Collection".