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Cantus Angeli 2016 - The Programme

Wednesday 19 October 2016
5,30pm - Cava De' Tirreni
"Parade of Choirs" - Umberto I Street

7,30pm - Cava De' Tirreni
"Opening Concert" - S.Francesco Church


Thursday 20 October 2016
10,00am - Mercato S. Severino
"The Choir Teaches!" - San Giovanni in Parco Church

7,00pm - Salerno
"Concert Meeting in the City" - SS. Annunziata Church


Saturday 22 October 2016
5,30pm - Mercato S. Severino
"Parade of Choirs" - Piazza Dante

7,30pm - Mercato S. Severino
“Great Concert of Choirs” - Municipal Theater


Sunday 18 October 2015
10am - Vietri sul Mare
“Voices in the air” - Municipal Villa