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Partecipating Choirs


Folk Academic Choir “Songs of Russia” - (Mosca - Russia)
Director: Elena Kutuzova

Is the chorus of the folk "RSMC" of the Russian state television and radio. Founded in Moscow in 1945, has a vast repertoire of compositions alongside traditional Russian pieces of contemporary composers. Use musical instruments typical of the national tradition and folklore performances resulting in vibrant and colorful. AZ, the German newspaper, called it a group able to feel the depth of the Russian soul. Participated in many festivals and major international competitions, winning awards and acclaim.


Coro Cantum  Novum - (Cerchiate di Pero - Milano)
Director: Gregorio Cunsolo

The choir cantum Novum of Milan was founded in 1999 and moved the artistic activity with the aim of spreading values such as friendship, song and solidarity. Has received several humanitarian awards and has performed in Italy and abroad at major cultural and historical sites such as the Basilica of St. Ambrogio in Milan, the Conservatory of Music of Montreuil and the UNESCO building in Paris.


Coro Vox Nova - (Napoli)
Director: Angela Merola

Founded in 2005, is chaired by the Adviser of the regional choirs Campania adv. Amedeo Finizio. Has in its repertoire of sacred music, traditional and classical songs with particular reference to operetta that has rediscovered and revived. It has won several awards and has performed in many prestigious places and theaters in the Campania region.


Coro Rigoverticale - (Mezzocorona - Trento)
Director: Mattia Culmone

Born in October 2002 and consists of singing and music lovers. Has a varied repertoire, from classical to folk to musicals. Promotes singing as a means of socialization but is also involved in organizing social events, leisure and culture as the "September Rotaliano".


Coro Voci D’argento - (Salerno)
Director: Umbertina Vivani

Was founded in 1996 as a musical activity inside Auser - University of the Third Age -, which aims to promote solidarity, culture and recreation. He has gained acclaim in various events by participating in festivals, literary contests and religious ceremonies. 


Coro Mariborski Oktet - (Maribor - Slovenia)
Director: Franci Kovac

The vocal group Mariborska was born in 1973 in the wake of the great tradition of octets present in Slovenia. Has the distinction of being made up of nine items of enthusiasts, not professional but totally immersed in music culture internationally. Has a varied repertoire and wide-ranging consensus with harvests in many concerts and tour held on all continents except Australia.


Coro Lirico Bresciano "G. Verdi" - (Brescia)
Director: Edmondo Savio

Born in 2000 from the collaboration between former choristers of the Teatro Grande in Brescia and other local singers, has a repertoire mostly drawn from Italian opera 800. Many of his singers already have a good lyric great having taken part in numerous events of the opera. Has performed many concerts in Italy and abroad performing, inter alia, in the Requiem by Verdi, Donizetti and Handel's Messiah.


Corale Laurentiana - (Scala - Salerno)
Director: Giustina Mansi

Was born in 1968 in the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in the town of Scala as the parish choir to animate the liturgical celebrations. In addition to this noble service as a result has organized and participated in various concerts and events always getting great acclaim and proposing a varied repertoire.

Coro Murra e Radice Etnica - (Caltanissetta)
Director: Fabio Messina

Was founded in 2005 as part of the Learning Circle III of Caltanissetta. Performs new songs and promoting in Sicilian dialect, thus, the vernacular and the culture and the beauty of Sicily. It participated in several national and international festivals several times and finished in first place. Among the objectives was to export the image of a land alive and full of cultural riches inexhaustible.

Coro Insieme Per Caso - (Cava de' Tirreni - Salerno)
Director: Abramo Silvestro

The group, after the musical experience parish was founded in 2003 thanks to the contribution of the National Police. Has a varied repertoire of sacred music, classical and gospel. Participated in several festivals and has a particular focus on social issues.


Corale Citta’ di Ceprano - (Ceprano - Frosinone)
Director: Donatella Tanzi

The choir was founded in 1950 as a natural continuation of the Schola Cantorum Ceprano present at the beginning of the twentieth century. Performs polyphonic music and collaborating with bands and orchestras. Participated in competitions, festivals, televisio


Corale Polifonica Angelicus - (Mercato S. Severino - Salerno)
Director: Aniello Napoli

The choir "Angelicus" was born in 1995, has participated in numerous concerts and festivals in Italy and abroad including Prague, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Budapest, St. Petersburg. It is the association which organizes the Festival Cantus Angeli and has a varied repertoire, from opera to classical Neapolitan songs harmonized by several voices.