The Festival

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Next editions

  • 2024
    • 30 October - 3 November
  • 2025
    • October 15 - 19

Basic Program

Festival Cantus Angeli

Basic program 2024

Wednesday 30 October 2024
late morning/afternoon: arrival of the choirs
afternoon: “Parade of Choirs” and “Opening Concert”

Thursday 31 October 2024
morning: “The choir teaches!” – lesson concert
afternoon: guided tours
evening: “Meeting Concert”

Friday 1 November 2024
morning/afternoon: guided tours
evening: “Gala of the Choirs” - dinner with all the choirs

Saturday 2 November 2024
morning: free time
afternoon: “Great Concert of Choirs”

Sunday 3 November 2024
morning: “Voices in the air”
End of the Festival: greetings and return of choirs.


Repertoire, style and musical bands
The repertoire is free. It is always welcome, as far as possible the performance of some typical compositions of the country of origin.
There are not pieces required but only two song to perform together.
Participation in the Festival is open to all vocal, choral and musical bands without restriction of age, repertoire, style, or genre, with or without accompanying instruments.

Calendar and final program
The final program and timetable will be announced within October 15th, 2024.
They indicate the place, the performances and time for each group.
They will be completed by taking into account the repertoire, style and genre, the time of permanence chosen and considering demands and needs expressed by each group,as it is possible.
The organization reserves the right to modify the basic program, the combination day/event or to decide other places for exhibitions and/or events for organizational reasons.
It is assured, the participation of each group at least at four musical performances and all guided tours.

The request of registration is made by fi lling out the application form on the festival website. On request the organization can send the documentation.
The last term for registration is July 30th, 2024.
Other requests will be evaluated.
It is fixed a maximum number of participants.
Registration will be estimate by the organization.
Within 10 days after the confirmation, the group will have to pay 20% of the contribution for participation based on the number of participants stated in the registration.
Within September 15th 2024 each group will send own musical program for the performance with the list of songs and their duration; musical instruments used; the definitive list of participants with accommodation in rooms in hotel, the day and the hour of arrival and departure.
Within October 10th 2024 it will have to paid the final balance of contribution as the amount required by the organization.

Partecipation Fee
The individual participation fee to the basic program is euro 340,00 with accommodation in hotels 4 stars (or 3 stars of equal quality) in double or triple room.

The supplement for single room is Euro 25,00 per day (maximum 3 single rooms for each group). Quadruple rooms will be accepted if they are available.
The individual participation fee to the basic program includes:
a. Assistance from arrival to departure;
b. Participation in the “Parade of Choirs”;
c. Participation in the “Opening Concert”;
d. Participation in the “The Choir Teaches!”;
e. Participation in the “Meeting Concert”;
f. Participation in the “Gala of Choirs”;
g. Participation in the “Great Concert of Choirs”;
h. Participation in outdoor performances “Voices in the Air”;
i. Guided tours and entrance tickets to the places of the festival as in the basic program;
j. Accommodation in either a single,double and triple rooms with private bath;
k. 4 nights with breakfast at hotel;
l. 4 dinners (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) as in the basic program;
m. 1 free every 25 paying in double room.
All the events will be organized in compliance with the ordinance for the health emergency in use at the time of the events so they could be carried out in different ways and forms from previous editions. The description of the events in the website and in promotional materials is for illustrative purposes only.

The partecipation fee does not include: bus service and transfers and everything not reporterd in the paragraph “The individual participation fee to the basic program includes”. Hospitality for bus drivers and companions will be charged to the choir, inclusive of all extras.

Personalized program
Each band can request to take part in the basic program or can request changes to it according to own needs. The organization, as far as possible, can realize a personalized program for every need or request of the group with periods of stay diff erent from the basic program.
In this case the contribution would be established ad hoc.
Finally it is possible to include in the personalised program:

- guided tours and extra excursions (Pompei, Certosa di Padula, Reggia di Caserta, Vesuvio, Naples, Paestum);
- concerts and other performances;
- liturgical animations in prestigious sacred places of religious world tourism in the area (Sanctuary of Pompei, Materdomini, Montevergine, etc.).

Travel / transport
It is recommended trip by bus.
If you arrive by train or plane we can arrange transfers to and from the hotel for the duration of the Festival.
The excursions on the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, for local dispositions, must necessarily be made by bus with a maximum length of 10.36 meters and maximum height of 4.00 meters (except for any new provisions on bus measurements).
If the group travels with a longer bus, the organization can provide minibus.
The groups that use the buses of the organization could be grouped together and/or split for best realization of the service.

Other people, kin, friends accompanying the group and not musicians can participate on equal conditions to the Festival.

Each team may use their own musical instruments. In the places of the concerts there will be always a piano.

Each participant to the Festival must have a valid identity document.

During the festival each chorus will have the opportunity to enjoy Italian cooking and in particular the typical dishes of Mediterranean and Campania’s cuisine.
Any needs or food intolerance can be communicated to the organization.
The dinners in the program will be held at the hotel and/or buffet in the same places of the performances.

Assistance / guide
The groups will have a touristic guide for excursions and an assistant to whorm they can refer during the event.
The official languages of the Festival are Italian and English.

Currency / ATMs
Currency for payments is euro. There will be avaiable ATMs and shops accept credit cards.

It is possible to delete the persons registrated, without penalty, up to 20 (twenty) days from the date of arrival included.
For cancellations after this deadline will apply a penalty equal to 50% of the participation fee for each person deleted.
In case of No Show (when the person does not cancel and fails to appear at the festival) will apply a penalty equal to 75% of the participation fee for each person


Parade of Choirs and Opening Concert
The Parade of Choirs is the musical event that opens the International Festival of Choirs “Cantus Angeli”.
All groups will parade with their uniforms, their own distinctive and characteristic, and take part at the “Opening Concert”, musical event of the inauguration of the festival, during which they will be presented to the public and perform the common songs.

The Choir Teaches!
The exhibition “The Choir Teaches!” is a lesson concert in which each choir presents itself, describing its repertoire, the sense of making music together, the vocal and instrumental technique and performs some songs.
At this particular concert will be present, as special spectators, the other choirs, music buffs and students who will perform everything that the directors will want to let them learn and perform so improvised but musically educational.

Concerts Meeting
The Concert Meeting is the exhibition that combines music and territory: these concerts will be held in the most beautiful places of the festival.
Each choir will present its repertoire amply.
The aim is to establish a relationship of brotherhood and friendship between people who share the same ideals of art and music and to create a real moment of rejoicing and joyous animation involving the territory.

Great Concert of Choirs
The Great Concert of Choirs is the highlight of the Festival “Cantus Angeli”.
All choirs will be spectators and actors of an unforgettable spectacle: culture art and music of choirs of the world will join to the traditional music of Campania.
During the concert each group will perform its repertoire in a spectacular atmosphere of union and friendship.

Gala of Choirs
The Gala of Choirs is a dinner-show during which the participating groups will live convivial moments, tasting the specialites of Mediterranean cuisine.
The bands will perform in a joyful atmosphere of friendship uniting art, culture, gastronomy and exploitation of the territory.
It is the event of increased socialization among the bands because participants can create the right atmosphere of brotherhood and unity in music.

Voices in the Air - outdoor exhibition
The outdoor exhibition “Voices in the Air” takes place at “Vietri sul Mare”, pearl of the Amalfi tana Coast, in an amphitheatre overlooking the sea.
In this wonderful place of Salerno’s coast each choir will perform its music on a natural stage lighted from the sun with the scenic background of the sea.