Parade of Choirs and Opening Concert
The Parade of Choirs is the musical event that opens the International Festival of Choirs “Cantus Angeli”.
All groups will parade with their uniforms, their own distinctive and characteristic, and take part at the “Opening Concert”, musical event of the inauguration of the festival, during which they will be presented to the public and perform the common songs.

The Choir Teaches!
The exhibition “The Choir Teaches!” is a lesson concert in which each choir presents itself, describing its repertoire, the sense of making music together, the vocal and instrumental technique and performs some songs.
At this particular concert will be present, as special spectators, the other choirs, music buffs and students who will perform everything that the directors will want to let them learn and perform so improvised but musically educational.

Concerts Meeting
The Concert Meeting is the exhibition that combines music and territory: these concerts will be held in the most beautiful places of the festival.
Each choir will present its repertoire amply.
The aim is to establish a relationship of brotherhood and friendship between people who share the same ideals of art and music and to create a real moment of rejoicing and joyous animation involving the territory.

Great Concert of Choirs
The Great Concert of Choirs is the highlight of the Festival “Cantus Angeli”.
All choirs will be spectators and actors of an unforgettable spectacle: culture art and music of choirs of the world will join to the traditional music of Campania.
During the concert each group will perform its repertoire in a spectacular atmosphere of union and friendship.

Gala of Choirs
The Gala of Choirs is a dinner-show during which the participating groups will live convivial moments, tasting the specialites of Mediterranean cuisine.
The bands will perform in a joyful atmosphere of friendship uniting art, culture, gastronomy and exploitation of the territory.
It is the event of increased socialization among the bands because participants can create the right atmosphere of brotherhood and unity in music.

Voices in the Air - outdoor exhibition
The outdoor exhibition “Voices in the Air” takes place at “Vietri sul Mare”, pearl of the Amalfi tana Coast, in an amphitheatre overlooking the sea.
In this wonderful place of Salerno’s coast each choir will perform its music on a natural stage lighted from the sun with the scenic background of the sea.